Dear mineral collector,   


Today I send you my second mineral catalogue of 2017. It contains  the new IMA approved minerals Clino-suenoite, Ferriperboeite-(Ce), Lagalyite, Piccoliite, Sharyginite, Triazolite, and Valleyite , as well as a range of very rare species such as Arrojadite-(BaNa), Cerchiaraite-(Al), Demicheleite-(I), Fencooperite, Girvasite, Hephaistosite, Magnesio-fluoro-riebeckite, Otavite, Paramelaconite, Plumboagardite, Steropesite, Thermessaite, Yangzhumingite  and others.

From a classic location near Mountain Pass in California / USA, I have a new find of Bastnäsit-(Ce) in large crystal clusters and also Yangzhumingite and Cerianite-(Ce). From the Barium silicate occurrences Big Creek in California in have very good specimens with Fencooperite, Cerchiaraite-(Al) und Rhodesite.

From Eisleben in Saxony Anhalt / Germany there is a new find of Paramelaconite in nice crystals.

Something very special are the newly analyzed specimens of the probably largest known Ulvöspinel crystals from Czech Republic, Leonardsenite in crystal aggregates from Alaska and rich specimens of Sharyginite from Israel.


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