Minerals from all over the world

2023 / 04 / 23

Dear mineral collector,

Today you will receive my new offer list 1 / 2023. The current offer contains a variety of very rare minerals such as Akdalaite, Alforsite, Devitoite, Eifelite, Ferroericssonite, Elliottite, Fencooperite, Lingunite, Mianningite, Penriceite, and Tamaite.
From California I have some rare barium minerals such as Alforsite, Devitoite, Fencooperite and Walstromite of outstanding quality. As well as pretty specimens of the manganese silicates Inesite and Tamaite, and the rare borates Hambergite, Inderite, and Kurnakovite, as well as beautiful specimens with Demantoid, Goldmanite, Desautelsite, and Dypingite. From their type locality in Oregon, I have Cavansite and Pentagonite, once collected by Ruby Tschernich, as well as other nice Zeolites. There is also something interesting from Germany, historical newly examined specimens with Cannonite, Pettitjeanite, Haidingerite, Maucherite, Nickeline and Turquoise crystals. From South Africa I have excellent, intensely colored violet Stichtite, from Sweden beautiful sky-blue Trolleite, as well as Hydroxylhedypan from Langban, from Morocco beautiful Irhtemite and Proustite specimens and from Pakistan pretty "phosphorite shells".

Minerals in alphabetical order


trade show 2023

  • Antwerp: May 6th
  • Freiberg: May 13th
  • Tokyo: May 25th to 29th
  • Sainte Marie aux Mines: June 21th to 25th

Due to construction work in St. Marie, my new stand is on in a newly designated area. This is to the right of entrance area 2B, or to the left of entrance area 3.

Analytical service

I offer an extensive assessment and analysis service. I´ve own modern REM-EDX technology available, please ask for more details.

Payment & Prices

the prices relate directly to the expense of acquiring the specimens and the work (cleaning, testing, etc.) done on them. All prices include the current 7% VAT on minerals.

I give a discount with large orders only.

I accept regular bank transfer, Master, Visa cards and Paypal.

I describe the material as accurately as possible, to minimize any possible discrepancy felt on receipt. owever, if you are not satisfied with a specimen, please send it back promptly in its original condition, well packed.

Inside Germany the postage costs € 5.50; for orders of € 150 and over, I prepay shipping. Within the EU shipping costs € 8,50; shipping is free on orders over € 250. Outside the EU shipping for under 1 kg is € 8,50. For over 1 kg costs at least € 25.50 (depending on weight and the respective postal rates). All parcels are insured.


xx = crystals
(xx)= partial or intergrown crystals
X or x = single crystal
Capsel (capsule) = 0.1 to 0.5 cm
MM = micromount approx. 0.5 to 1.0 cm
KS = small piece approx. 1.5 to 4 cm;
NS = average-sized piece approx. 4 to 7 cm
HS = hand-sized piece 7 to 10 cm;
GS / MS = museum-sized pieces larger than 10 cm


xls = crystals; (xls) = partial or intergrown crystals; xl = single crystal.

Capsule= 0.1 to 0.5 cm; MM = micromounts approx. 0.5 to 1.5 cm; KS = small piece approx. 1.5 to 4 cm.

NS = average-sized piece approx. 4 to 7 cm; HS = hand-sized piece 7 to 10 cm; GS / MS = museum-sized pieces larger than 10 cm.